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General Aluminum Quality

Our people, our plants and our management have an attitude with a passion for quality and continuous improvement. Whether we provide a raw casting or a machined & assembled component to our customer, we will always give our best effort with ever improving quality. We are Team General Aluminum.

The General Aluminum quality system is based upon IATF 16949:2016 which delivers structure for the quality system as well as a method of business management providing for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention, the reduction of variation and waste, and total customer satisfaction.

Quality personnel staff at every plant provides a system that includes a corporate quality manual, standard operating procedures, documented work instructions, and record retention. The quality system includes in-house metallurgical and dimensional laboratories, internal auditing, gauge calibration & control, and structured problem solving focusing on root cause analysis. Statistical process control is used extensively for key feature characteristics, especially in the machining & assembly process area. Layered Process Audit is widely used throughout every plant. Every casting produced includes traceability for chemistry and mechanical property through individual casting date & shift or by telesis marking onto the part.

At General Aluminum, change is not something to cause fear, but is something to be embraced & controlled. After all, how else does a company continuously improve performance and product? We strongly believe in customer notification, compliance with customer sample submission and implementation only after customer approval.

General Aluminum Quality is ready to serve you with a trained work-force, documented quality system, experience with automotive requirements, and a commitment for ever improving quality.

Supplier Quality

It is the responsibility of the supplier to understand and ensure compliance with this manual and the quality policies, procedures and work instructions of General Aluminum Mfg. Company. Each supplier is requested to access this web-site to verify current General Aluminum requirements are incorporated into their quality management system.

The purpose of this Supplier Quality Manual is to communicate to our supplier partners a core set of tools, processes and systems that are to be used in the development and manufacture of parts, services and products supplied to General Aluminum Mfg. Company. We believe that the implementation of this manual will also assist suppliers in their development of business and manufacturing processes, contributing to their future competitiveness and success. General Aluminum Mfg. Company is part of Park Ohio Holdings and we will use this size and strength to work with selected suppliers who deliver the best quality, value and service at the most competitive cost for future business consideration.